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     "Desmond... she was not worth it." Altair said gently while placing his hand on the others shoulder. 

    The American sat with his legs pulled against his chest, his face pressed into his legs as he tried to choke back his tears. 'I just do not get it... it was so sudden..' Anytime he thought about it the tears just started to flow and the world felt like it was crashing down around him. 


    Desmond ran over to his girlfriend at top speed. A small package hidden in his hoodie pocket, containing a diamond bracelet. Sure it was expensive and he had to pull double shifts for it, but in his mind it was worth it. Lucy and him had been together for awhile after all. Not many couples make it a few weeks these days let alone two years. He had been waiting all day for this, correction, all week for this. A huge smile spreed across his face when he finally caught up with her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, " happy Anniversary Lucy! I love you!" He then placed a gentle kiss on her cheek as he waited for her reply. However, Lucy stood there silently as she pushed at his arms to get him off her. She faced him and gave him a stern look. A fear struck him as he looked back her. " Is there something wrong?"

    She sighed, " I am leaving you."

    Instantly his heart shattered into a million pieces. All he could get out was, "why?"

    " I no longer have an interest in you. I feel our relationship has gone stale. We have gotten all we could out of this so it is no longer worth my trouble to continue this... plus there is someone else." At that she left him without even a glance over her shoulder. 

    Every word had struck his heart like burning knife. 


    Malik sat next to Desmond, "Altair is right, She really is not worth it. She was a total bitch, she just used you. I know it will be hard but you must forget her."

    He lifted his teared stained face and weakly nodded, " you are right..."

    Kadar came running over with a grin on his face as he tackled the American to the ground, then proceeded to snuggle the other to death. " I know! I know! Let us show you a little love and support by taking you out for ice cream!" Kadar said while giving the other a little kiss on the cheek in s loving manner. 

    Desmond could not help but smile at Kadar's cuteness. "That would be great actually." He laughed as he pulled the other into a hug. 

    Malik's eye twitched as he watched Kadar with a forced smile. "Sounds like a plan then."

    The four of them sat down on a bright red pleather booth with their ice cream in hand. Kadar had chosen to sit with Desmond to cheer him up more; he had been doing rather well too because the two yapped all the way here. They just continued to talk like no one else in the world existed.

    Malik was glaring at them from across the table. This was the first time Kadar had chosen to sit with someone over him. 'That bitch.'

    "You ok?" Altair asked with a concerned look on his face.

    "Oh umm... I am fine." 

    "You sure? because you are gripping your cone so hard it is leaking onto the table."

    Malik looked at his hand, sure enough that bastard was right. 'Damn it.' "I lost my appetite is all."

    Altair was about to comment but Malik was staring daggers at him.

    "I am going to throw this out..." He left Altair without another word. 


    "Class This is our new student Conner Kenway," the teacher said gesturing towards a male standing in the doorway. "I expect for you to treat him kindly. That is all, now get back to work!" "Desmond do you mind if Conner is your partner for the History project?"

    "No not at all," he responded while reading the rubric once more.

    "I will send him over then." 

    Conner took a seat in front of the brunet but remained completely silent. 

    Desmond looked up to meet dark brown eyes staring back at him. He scanned over the man siting before him noticing the native american's firm features and muscular body that was twice the size of his. 'Wow he is built..' Lastly he noticed the others silky black hair pulled into a ponytail. "hello," Desmond finally managed to get out after starring at the other for to long a time to be considered appropriate. 

    "Hello." Conner responded with a stern face. Unsure of what to think about the one before him.

    'God that voice.' "Well I am Desmond, welcome to creed high. I would be glad to show you around if you want."

    "That would be nice. Thank you."

    "Oh! We are currently doing a project on the revolutionary war." He passed the rubric to the native.

    "I know everything about that war."

    "Really? It is a favorite of mine!" The american said almost jumping from his seat, " Well sadly we do not have time to start yet but I look forward to working with you." He put his hand out for the other to shake. 

    The native shook it firmly, " same here. I think I like you; you seem pretty cool."

    The bell sounded just in time to help cover the small blush that crept over Desmond's face. 'He said he likes me... oh god I think I have a crush on the new guy."


    Ezio began his decent down the usually crowded stairs towards the always empty library. Altair had insisted they meet there after class for their project. Something about them reading to get more done because they are behind or whatever. Pushing the heavy wooden door open he instantly noticed the hooded boy at the computers. He took a seat beside the other as he began to take in his surroundings. Ezio had not been in the school library on his own accord, the one time he had actually been in the library was because a teacher needed him to deliver papers to the librarian.The library was a fairly decent size, with wooden shelves that stretched towards the ceiling. The books on the shelves where lined up perfectly while the shelves practically sparkled. The old librarian did not bother to look up from her book when he entered moments ago.

    The hooded teen rolled his eyes at Ezio once he had finally stopped being amazed by the library, "glad you decided to show up. Have you never been to a library before?" 

    "I have to!... Just I usually do my research at home." Ezio retorted. 

    Altair let out a small laugh, " well get used to it because we may have to come here again. Anyyway lets get back to work because we only have an hour." 

    Scribbling could be heard from the two as they took down their notes in silence. Ezio, of course, failed to stay focused for long, working constantly was never his thing. Instead he began to watch Altair as he took notes from the computer. The Italian could not see much of the others face except for the scar that ran down the right side of his lip. Absentmindedly he began to draw the Syrian's hooded face where his notes should have been. 

    "Hey we have to go, The school is about to close," Altair said after he noticed the time on the computer. 

    A thick blush ran over Ezio's face as he quickly covered his paper, "uh, ok."

    "Did you do any work?" Altair asked noticing the other covering his work. 

    "Yes! I just umm put my papers up already..." 

    He narrowed his eyes, "oook... Though we have to come here again during the week, maybe even weekend if we want to finish on time and have a good grade." 

    "Hell no, you can come to my place if it comes to that. I have books and crap if we need it." 


    Ezio raked his fingers through his hair as he paced back and forth in his dark, lamp lit room. He forced his eyes shut as he tried to work out his thoughts he was still trying to grasp. He then forced a heavy sigh through his lips as he turned to look at his friends face, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. 

    "My friend what is wrong? You said you needed help?" Leonardo asked with a concern look etched into his face. 

    The Italian had a huge problem, in fact he had locked himself in his room for several hours consumed by his own thoughts. He called Leonardo because he did not know who he could ask. He was his only friend he could trust, actually probably the only friend he actually had. Plus he was a reasonably smart man and very helpful, he could help him right? Right? "I do not know... my thoughts are just soooo... confusing."

    The artist stroked his blond beard as he studied his friends expression. "Ahhh. Is it a girl? Somebody catch your eye?"

    "kind of....."

    "Kind of? What does that mean Ezio?" 

    "It is... I think I..." His mouth turned dry, everything just felt so awkward. He pulled out a piece of paper that was tucked away in his jean pocket and handed it over to Leonardo. 

    Unfolding it he immediately saw the sketch of the hooded Altair that covered the entirety of the notebook paper. Leonardo raised a delicate brow toward Ezio as a smile tugged at his mouth, "You have a crush on Altair?" 

    "I..." Ezio closed his eyes tightly as he braced himself for shame and a scolding, "yes." 

    However he was embraced by a warm hug. Ezio opened his eyes to look at him, a puzzle look on his face. The artist let out a small laugh, "I do not see the problem my friend." 

    "But, do you not... I mean, I like a guy. Do you not find me repulsive? Or a sin? or.." Ezio looked completely and utterly terrified.

    "Why would I think such things? No Ezio, surely I, would not think such things of you." His blue eyes sparkled as he spoke, " It takes courage to admit such things. People are cowards to admit when they have true feelings for one another. It can be rather beautiful, love. I am actually proud of you for finally not being so dense and gaining some real feelings for someone." The artist then pulled him into another hug. 

    Ezio hugged him back back firmly, "thank you so much."

    "You are welcome, it was my pleasure to help my friend."

    "Actually. I have one last question actually...."

    Leonardo nodded encouragingly, " Anything Ezio, what is it?" 

    He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, still shy about the whole concept. " Well how do I go about this?"


    "How do I tell him I like him?"

    "Ahh, " he rubbed his beard once again. "My best advice is to take it slow. Wait for the perfect moment to say something. Trust me you will know when it comes. Patience is key here Ezio."

    The Italian patted his friend on the back. "You really are the best Leonardo. I could truly not have a better friend." 



 So sorry for the delay on this chapter! I have had a lot going on. Hope you enjoy!  

     High school is tough for many, it makes it even harder to deal with when love is involved. Many will face new struggles they never thought they had too. Struggles many can not handle, not even when it is who they are. 

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