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Ezio wip by Assassin-Herzeleid Ezio wip :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 1 0
Mature content
Complicated Love Ch.5 (Altair/Ezio) :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 1 0
star sign - deathly hallows by Assassin-Herzeleid star sign - deathly hallows :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 1 4
Complicated Love Ch.4 (Altair/Ezio)
     "Desmond... she was not worth it." Altair said gently while placing his hand on the others shoulder. 
    The American sat with his legs pulled against his chest, his face pressed into his legs as he tried to choke back his tears. 'I just do not get it... it was so sudden..' Anytime he thought about it the tears just started to flow and the world felt like it was crashing down around him. 
    Desmond ran over to his girlfriend at top speed. A small package hidden in his hoodie pocket, containing a diamond bracelet. Sure it was expensive and he had to pull double shifts for it, but in his mind it was worth it. Lucy and him had been together for awhile after all. Not many couples make it a few weeks these days let alone two years. He had been waiting all day for this, correction, all week for this. A huge smile spreed across his face when he finally caught up with her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, " happy Anniversary Lucy! I lo
:iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 2 0
Valentines dark bum by Assassin-Herzeleid Valentines dark bum :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 33 4 Laganja Estranja by Assassin-Herzeleid Laganja Estranja :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 2 0 Santa Haytham Kenway by Assassin-Herzeleid Santa Haytham Kenway :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 20 5 commission: Danni chibi by Assassin-Herzeleid commission: Danni chibi :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 7 2 Happy Birthday PandaNotes by Assassin-Herzeleid Happy Birthday PandaNotes :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 1 4 Chibi Deadmau5 by Assassin-Herzeleid Chibi Deadmau5 :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 6 0 Chibi Meowingtons by Assassin-Herzeleid Chibi Meowingtons :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 13 5 Chibi skull kid by Assassin-Herzeleid Chibi skull kid :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 37 0
Complicated Love Ch. 3 (Altair/Ezio)
 "This will count for half of your grade this quarter," the teacher announced, earning murmurs of complaints from the class. "Though I have decided to be nice and make this a partner project." Everyone started eying their friends from across the room. "Oh I am not that nice, I have already picked your partner's." The class let out a massive child like groan. " I posted the pairings on the board, you may check it on your way out," the teacher replied, waving off the classes reaction as he finished passing out the rubric.
 Ezio studied the paper he had been given, reviewing its contents intensely. ' This does not appear to be very complicated. If I have a decent partner things should go smoothly. Hopefully I do not get stuck with all the work, I will kill them if I do. They better not be an asshole-" the bell sounded, cutting him off from his thoughts.
 Strolling over to the partner listing, he ran his finger down the list of names. He rose an eyebrow, ' Altair?' The name
:iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 2 0
Yin yang dream catcher  by Assassin-Herzeleid Yin yang dream catcher :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 2 3
Complicated love ch. 2 (Altair/Ezio)
The tanned finger stretched to push the doorbell in front of it causing a loud ringing sound. He stood patiently on the front porch waiting while he played with the draw strings on his hoodie. Only having to wait for a minute before he was greeted with a familiar young face beaming up at him. The boy looked just like his brother with the addition of shiny blue eyes, Though he was more friendly and child like; he was always smiling and excited for something.
  "Kadar is your Brother home? We were supposed to practice today..." Altair asked looking down at the child beaming up at him.
  The younger brother shook his head up and down," Mhm. Malik should be done in a moment."
  "Kadar! Who is at the door!?" Malik shouted down from somewhere upstairs.
  "It is Altair, brother."  The younger replied.
  Altair called from the doorway, "Now hurry it up, the day is almost over already."
  Malik came down the stairs grumbling, "you impatient little bastard." He
:iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 4 5
Ocarina by Assassin-Herzeleid Ocarina :iconassassin-herzeleid:Assassin-Herzeleid 13 0


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Ezio wip
Been working on this for awhile now, but thought i should post what i have so far for the hell of it. I do not really know what i am doing but i am trying. It might look completely different when i actually finish because i keep changing everything. still a lot of work left haha, but i am trying to teach myself and improve. 

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    Desmond lead the other down out the back end of the library into a long narrow hallway. He could practically feel the eyes of the other burning into the back of his skull. Connor had approached him earlier to ask if he would show him around school. Desmond had agreed to his request in a heartbeat. After several minutes of walking he finally reached the end of the long hallway, only to take a right into a small hallway with lockers along one wall. "These are where you can store your things. Though many kids choose not to have one because you can carry you backpack to every class." He said as he gestured towards the solid grey lockers.

    Connor worn his usual stern face as he asked, "Should I get one?" 

    " It is completely up to you"

    "Do you have one? " He asked while tilting his head ever so slightly.

    "Yes I do. Though I rarely use it, I do not really have time to make it here between classes. The teachers say you have time but that is a load of bullshit. I mean the lockers are all the way in the back of the school. Plus pushing through all the people is hard enough! But yes I have one just in case." 

    Connor gave a tiny smile, "then I shall have one too."

    The school bell gave off a loud ring signaling everyone it was time fr their next set of classes, and for some lunch time.

     "Oh, lunchtime! Follow me, I will show you to the Lunch room. You can sit with me if you like."

    The native gave a light shake of the head and began to follow Desmond down the hall. Another small smile spreading across his face as he watched the other from behind. 


    The Lunch room was as loud and full of life as ever. Teens flocked towards lunch lines and their friends like their lives depended on it. Everyone was separated by groups as usual, jocks, preps, nerds, and of course outcasts. Which consists of anyone who either did not like the other groups or simply sat anywhere as long as they where next to a friend. 

    Desmond took a seat across from Altair; next to him was Malik and of course next to him Kadar. Desmond looked behind him to see Connor standing there silently observing the ones before him. The american patted the seat next to him and Connor then sat down, still a bit uneasy. 

    "Who is your friend? I do not believe I have seen him before." Altair asked while he lifted his hooded face, light shining into his narrowing prey like eyes. 

    Connor clinched his jaw, "I am Connor Kenway."

    Desmond let out a nervous chuckle as he watched the two mentally rip each other apart. Malik rolled his eyes as he also noticed the situation, " You must be new then. It is nice to meet you Connor. I am Malik, and this is my brother Kadar. The stubborn idiot over there is Altair." 

    "Do not mind Altair, he is just a grumpy puss. He is not such a bad guy though." Kadar added with his normal grin, "it is nice to meet you too." 

    "Ha-ha, ah I see. So he is always like this?"

    Kadar shook his head excitedly, " About 95% of the time, yes." 

    Bang! Altair slammed his fists against the table. "am not!" Everyone at the table burst immediately into laughter causing Altair to growl, " why are you laughing!?"

    "Because Kadar is right and you just proved it! " Malik answered while wrapping his arm around Kadar's neck as he tried to stop laughing. Desmond and Connor where covering their mouths to stifle their laughter. Altair crossed his arms in defeat as he waited for the laughter to die down. 

    "I just got here and everyone already seems pretty cool." Connor said brightly.

    "You can sit here everyday if you like, right brother?" Kadar responded as he shoveled pudding into his mouth. 

    Malik wiped pudding from his brothers face as he responded, "of course." 

    "We would love that," Desmond added.

    Connor gave a hint of a smile, he had never had actual friends before. He tended to keep quiet and to himself. "Actually....this is sort of soon, but.. Desmond would you like to come to a party with me on Friday?"

    "Yes!" The american enthusiastically answered before he even realized what was asked. 'Wait? Did he just ask me to a party? Me??"

    The native nodded, "Great. You guys are welcome as well." 


    Ezio slid into the seat beside his blond friend as he plopped his tray down onto the table. "Leonardo." He rapidly began to poke the artist repeatedly in the shoulder. "Leonardo."

    Leonardo wiped pasta sauce from his lips before turning towards his friend with a huff, " yesss?"

    "So I have a party to attend this Friday and was wondering if you could come with me?"

    Leonardo cocked his head to the side in pure confusion. "Why do you need me for a party? Thought those were your thing?" 

    Ezio let out a sigh, "what makes you think that?"

    The artist shrugged, "I do not know, they just seem like they would be."

    "Well they can be annoying sometimes. I always have do something for the team. I am always expected to go, and if I do not everyone will harass me about it. It sucks being captain at times. Plus there is usually no one I enjoy talking to there, so i am bored out of my mind."

    "What about the girls?" 

    Ezio rolled his eyes, " all of them are complete sluts. It is horrible how they act, just terrible." 

    "That can not be true, you are exaggerating a bit there I think."

    The jock chuckled at his friends remark. "Oh Leonardo, it is true. Always trying to get in my pants, they do not even try to hide it. First they come up to me and introduce themselves and by the second or third sentence try to ask me out. Party's just give them the chance to fucking touch me. If they actually tried to get to know me and have a normal conversation then it would not be so bad. Whores." He stabbed his pasta rather violently with his fork.

    "Ah I see... then why do I have to go?"

    "I want someone to talk for once, a friend, maybe if I am talking to you it will not be so bad."

    Leonardo let out a small sigh, party's could be a bit weird for him. "I do not know.."

    "Please." Ezio asked him with his big brown sparkling puppy dog eyes, "pleassse."

    "You know I can not say no to that face Ezio, fine, but you owe me."

    The Italian pulled the artist into a hug of gratitude. "Of course I owe you big for this."

    "You are a lot of work Ezio, you know that?" Leonardo joked as he returned the hug.


    Altair sat with his head hung over his desk with his cheek in the palm of his hand. 'God could this go on any longer? It really is not that hard a concept! I am going to fall asleep if he explains this again. Damn, why is everyone so stupid?' He let his eyes wonder the room to keep himself awake. Some kids had their phones hidden under their desks in an attempt to not die of boredom. Others just stared blankly at their textbooks as the teacher continued his lecture. 

    He was about to turn back to the front when he noticed chocolate eyes watching him from the other end of the room.Before he knew what he was doing, Altair found himself starring right back into those dreamy eyes. 'Those eyes are so, enchanting.' He kept his gaze tightly locked with the Italian, as he examined the other from afar. 'I can see why everyone loves his so much.'

    'Ezio is just downright handsome.' immediately his head snapped away. 'No, I did not just think that. he is... Ezio. I can not have feelings for him. He is my fucking class partner! Nothing more.' Altair put his head down on his desk. 'Why is he looking at me anyway?' He peeked up to see if the other was still watching him. 'Damn, he is still looking at me. Could he fucking stop that?' He put his head back on his arms again, he could still feel the others gaze. It was making him feel weird. The sudden attention from the jock was odd. 

    "Altair!" The Syrian snapped his head up to look at the teacher. "Are you sleeping in my class?" Of course out of all the kids who where actually asleep, he picked the only one who who was actually awake. Typical teacher more, pick the one who did not do anything wrong. 

    "I was not." Altair could feel his anger rising, he hated being accused of things.

    Mr. Cross raised an eyebrow. " Do not lie to me child, at least own up to it!"

    His eyebrow twitched as he did something he would quickly regret. He had glanced to his right to see those handsome eyes still on him. He snapped. "Stop looking at me!" He practically screamed at the ceiling, causing his hood to fall off. Giving everyone a rare look at his own handsome face. 

    "Excuse me?" The teacher snapped right back,a bit confused. 

    Altair's golden eyes burned intensely with anger. he was just about to point out Ezio had been starring him the entire class but the bell rang. everyone had gotten up and rushed out of the class. It was Friday so no one even bothered to stop them, even Mr. cross stopped his argument with Altair to pack up his things. 

    'what just happened?' He sat there a few completely dumbfounded before picking up his things to leave class.


    "Guys please come to the party. Please." Desmond had been begging for a good five minutes now. 

    Altair slumped down on his bed and racked his fingers through his short hair. "Desmond keep your voice down! You are going to wake up my grandfather! I am not in the mood for more lectures today." He hissed at the American laying on the floor. 

    "Why do you want us to go?"  Malik ask from his usual spot. He was sprawled across a big leather chair across from Altair's bed.

    Kadar was currently on top of his brother snuggling. " Is it because you do not want to go alone with the new boy?'

    Desmond's face went a nice shade of light red. He tugged a hood up to try and cover it. "What? No... I just do not want to go alone. I want my friends there for me to talk with."

    "Mmhmm, sure that is what it is." Kadar giggled. 

    Altair sighed, "you know party's are not my thing."

    Desmond jumped on top of Altair, "pleassse." he straddled the other and began to shake him. "Please Altair."

    Altair was about to shove him off but Desmond pinned his arms above his head. Not in the mood for a fight he caved, "fine. If I say yes will you get off of me?" Desmond shook his head violently. "Ok I will go to this stupid party." 

    Desmond practically squealed like a girl, "Thank you Altair." He hugged the other tightly as he laid on top of him. 

    "You act like a girl sometimes, do you know that?" Altair stated as he smirked at the other. 

    Desmond ignored him and turned towards the two on the chair. "What about you guys?" Malik shrugged in reply

    "Malik may we go? Please brother I want to go to a high school party." Kadar asked with his shinning blue eyes.

    Malik hesitated for a moment, "you sure Kadar?"

    The little one shook his head, "Yes brother. I would like that."

    "I guess we are going too Desmond." Malik said to the American on the bed. He just could not bring himself to tell Kadar no.

Complicated Love Ch.5 (Altair/Ezio)
  High school is tough for many, it makes it even harder to deal with when love is involved. Many will face new struggles they never thought they had too. Struggles many can not handle, not even when it is who they are. 

Marked this chapter mature due to language

Please leave favs, comments, and watches, i love everyone!

Like my work? I am doing story commissions, note me for details. 

previous chapter: assassin-herzeleid.deviantart.…

next chapter:

first chapter: assassin-herzeleid.deviantart.…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hello everyone! I wanted to try and possibly do some commissions! I really want to be able to earn some extra money so I can get this amazing Assassins creed collection, and for my future home!

I will be doing story commissions, which will be around $5. I specialize in assassins creed stories, I can do straight or gay, anything really. Price will vary depending on what you would like. 
click here if you want story samplings: assassin-herzeleid.deviantart.…

I can also do any kind of art commissions. digital and traditional!

Chibis will probably start at around $5, but again can be more depending on complexity. Anything else will vary, just talk to me for details! I also do designs if you want a design done. 

click here to look through my gallary: assassin-herzeleid.deviantart.…


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